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    Welcome to Wyldfire's home on the Web!

    A subsidiary of Phoenix Industries, Wyldfire is a privately-owned superhero team sponsored by (and answering to) Dr. Jean-Claude Gironde. Their primary focus is anti-terrorist activity, at least officially, but their association with the Gironde family's industrial holdings has led to a lot of corporate conflict against other organizations like Crey Industries and Infinity Incorporated. Dr. Gironde also takes personal offense to Dr. Vahzilok's work, and will occasionally send Wyldfire out the door with orders to "get those things away from my customer base".

    December 2005 dressy photoshoot

    Out-of-Character notes: Set in Paragon City, famed location in the MMORPG City of Heroes by NCSoft and Cryptic Studios, Wyldfire is a Roleplaying SuperGroup with a mock-gritty setting, somewhat closer to the original Animated Series than it is to the Dark Knight's very mature genre.  Successful applicants will be roleplayers who enjoy that setting, with adult maturity only (meaning "no bodily function jokes" and "spell out words like YOU and FOR"; not meaning "all Wyldfire talks about are pr0n and b00bies!! LOL!!1!").  Additionally, members are expected to be erudite enough to enjoy writing "arrest records" or "mission progress reports" in the Forum on a semi-regular basis.  All members are required to join this site before they will be invited into the SuperGroup on Virtue Server.

    Humor is good.  Angst will be carefully limited.

    Children of Destiny, extra-genre characters like EQ elves, "homage" copies of copyrighted characters, deities and descendents or avatars thereof, aren't really appropriate for this SuperGroup; to the left is a list (titled "Other Organizations To Watch") of alternative SGs for cool applicants whom we don't quite fit. An "Agent of the Bat" would be permitted if the character history is sufficiently oblique about the Gotham stuff, for example, but Oracle or Huntress (copyrighted characters!) or "Captain Hygiene, Heroic Dentist" (too four-color!) or The Archangel Gabriella (too powerful!) would not.

    Please note: one of our most important rules is that we do not Power-Level others, nor do we seek to be PL'd ourselves. Check out Vengeance Inc for a good group who do nothing but PVP and powerlevelling.

    Repeat that?
    Razorvine: Unity comes!
    Skyburner: We've got to get through that
    Jarissa: What you mean "we", white man?
    Skyburner shakes his head

    - You shoulda seen the size of those Sentries!
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